Medical Red Binder System

The medical Red Binder System is an organization system to help you take an active role in your healthcare. This means putting the responsibility for good communication on both you and your doctor, which is even more important when you’re older. You may have more health conditions and treatments to discuss and understand, and your health has a big impact on other parts of your life. This all needs to be talked about in an effective way (Source: National Institute on Aging).

The Red Binders are used at all medical provider visits, as well as in emergency situations. First responders are aware of the binders, and know to look for them in obvious locations in the home (by the door, on the kitchen counter, etc.).

Each Red Binder contains the following forms (click on each to view and download):

Click here to download the entire medical Red Binder packet. 

Red Binders are available at the Eagle and Minturn senior sites, or by contacting Pat Nolan at (970) 328-8831 or